The Governance Model is designed to honour and value ALL members of our society.
It respects the
Founding Document of our nation, the 1835 Declaration of Independence, removes all
deceptions , unnecessary expenses and debates, and paves a pathway forward for our multi-cultural nation,
while ensuring a legacy for future mokopuna.

The Process of the Governance Model is as follows:

1. Whanau Hapu of indigenous descent, Ma-ori, will elect a person
to take care of their share of the business. The Elected Member
commit to their specific Agreement.)

2. Mokopuna of puberty age, ideally one of each sex (but not
exclusive) charge their representative to go do the business on
behalf of them, and the mokopuna yet unborn.

Whanau Hapu Elected Members in turn swear an Oath of
Allegiance to the Mokopuna.

4. Transitional Body Members are identified by the individual
sovereignty they walk, (not being subject and holding no-one
subject); the commitment they have to the universal Tikanga
processes utilised by the Waka, and to the mokopuna; and their
readiness to serve as mokopuna, equal with every other

Current Members of Parliament who have not already violated
the Sovereign Authority of the Confederated Hapus of
Tiritiri-O-Te-Moana/Aotearoa, New Zealand, may be offered
Sovereign Appointments (Article 2 Declaration of Independence
1835) to caretake the business of government for the transitional
alignment period.

ADMINISTRATORS -  Members of Parliament (outer circles - blue)

The Administrators will administer the affairs of government in alignment with Tikanga/IMMUTABLE Divine Law, common to
all disadvantageous to none.
They will  necessarily recognise the Sovereign Authority of Maori as the lawful guardians of all that constitutes Aotearoa,
New Zealand. They may propose law but will have NO law-making authority. The Authority rests with the Sovereign Council
of Mokopuna.

SOVEREIGN COUNCIL OF MOKOPUNA - Whanau Hapu Elected Representatives (ovals - purple rocks)

Whanau Hapu can put their tupuna back in their rightful place by electing a person who can take responsibility for their
Whanau Hapu's share of the business. The business will be to oversee a government department to ensure it's structure,
processes and delivery of services to the people, is in alignment with Tikanga/IMMUTABLE Divine Law. Whanau Hapu is
itself bound by the laws of Tikanga.

TIKANGA (stars - paua)

All governance appointees are bound by Tikanga/Immutable Divine Law.

The Transitional Body consists of consultants committed to Tikanga, the Sovereign Authority of Maori in their indigenous
homeland, and the wellbeing of the mokopuna of the entire nation.
Their primary role is to provide expertise and resource the Sovereign Council of Mokopuna. They are accountable to the
Sovereign Council of Mokopuna.
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa