News 2016
  • The waka carrying ALL Mokopuna / Descendants of Aotearoa

6 May        A delegation of 10 Kuia, 3 males from 3 generations; from all over the motu arrive at the
          Beehive to keep scheduled appointment. Confronted with TRUTH the PM and his staff NO SHOW.

5 May        Telephone (4) calls to P.M.'s office re confirming our impending 6 May meeting.    

28  April     Chief of Navy - Letter to  have RNZN (QEII's subjects) Support 6 May Sovereign Orders

28 April      Sovereign Authority Orders 002 - CEASE AND DESIST - courier to John Key

20 April      Auto-response from John Keys Office of the Prime Minister re URGENT AUDIENCE
               APPOINTMENT 6 May 2016

20 April       URGENT AUDIENCE APPOINTMENT  for 6 MAY - email to John Key

11 March  Visit to Devonport Naval Base re Sovereign Envoy to take Distress Document including concerns
              re Flag Referendum and TPPA  signing to QE II - no-one could sign off so sent registered mail
              to QEII

10 March    Waited on Navy to raise flag at Kororareka. Did not happen. Raised our own flag in distress
                position. Revealed TWONMKA evidence trail and Apostille Deeds 1858 Letter to those present.

3 March        Hone Heke's flag ritually ensconced at MOTAT.

6 Feb        Te Ti Marae Waitangi - mokopuna raise our nation's true flag in a distressed position calling
             on the Navy to assist as per ARTICLE 4 of the irrevocable Declaration of Independence 1835

This wairua-driven action thwarted the IMPENDING AUCTION of our country's true flag
             and likely the real reason for the $23 million debt to 'change the flag'